This is the Year to go to Europe!!

 If ever there was a time to go to Europe, this is the year.  Traditionally, when  you travel to Europe, it takes approximately $1.50 to $1.65 US dollar o buy pay for something worth 1 Euro.  This year, it takes only $1 US dollar or LESS to buy one Euro.  This means, that Europe is on sale!

When I say on sale, I mean on sale.  Keep in mind that this exchange rate affects everything.  You may immediately think of souvenirs and gifts as a means to save money, and some may say “hey we don’t buy stuff when we go on vacation.”  Well be that as it may, the exchange rate also affects museum entry fees, restaurants and food, hotel costs, car rentals, tours, cruises, trains and other transportation, theaters, and more.  So essentially, not only can you do MORE on your European vacation than in any year going back a decade or more, but you can do it for much less.  Your American dollar stretches very far.

How about a villa vacation in Italy.  We partner with Paradise Villas and Villas of Distinction to offer you deep discounts on your own villa in Italy or other places around the globe. So with a villa, you are free to buy fresh food in the local market, mingle with the locals, explore the surrounding area and tourist sites, take day trips to say Venice or Rome, and sleep in luxury.  Some villas come with butler and maid services, and other amenities.

Or, you can cruise.  A cruise around the Med can offer you an opportunity to see so many different ports of call and area in a short period of time, while the ship acts like your hotel.  Unpack once, and travel across Europe.  And a cruise is all inclusive.  So there is no need to worry about going to restaurants or even what to do each day.  With comprehensive shore excursions experienced in getting you to the most popular tourist sites, you can see much more than someone doing it alone or on a land tour.

So I hope this blog offers you some suggestions on how anyone can have an affordable vacation in Europe.  Sure there is still the airfare, but with the lower value of the Euro, this often makes up for any increase in airfares, and recently AIRFARE costs have been coming down.  So get out there!  The fall is the BEST time to explore Europe.  Great weather, the summer crowds are gone, and you have the European playground all to yourself.  Happy travels.


The magnificent canals of Venice!!


Big Ben and London Bridge in London, England.


While in Venice take a gondola ride. Its a favorite long standing tradition.


Tour the Parliament when in London and see where England’s government traditions began.

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