Live the Life in Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico is one of the premier Western Caribbean sites that is favored by US American Citizens.  The area is very safe, has gorgeous beaches, fabulous resorts, and there is always something new in the Yucatan.

For example, you have the original Cancun regions with its fabulous resorts and casinos located minutes from the airport on Hotel Row.  Or you can head south to some of the best beaches in the Western Caribbean, namely the Riviera Maya or the Playa Mia area.  And then there is the brand new resort area that is now up and coming with brand new resorts.  And that is the Playa Mujeres region located across the waterway from the Isla Mujeres.  When staying in the Playa Mujeres regions, you can take a ferry over to the Isla Mujeres and enjoy the magnificent beaches, fine shops and restaurants, and the old Mexican architecture that dates back to the early 1900s.  Its really a step back in time.

Of course one of the main calling cards for this region are the Mayan Reunions,  And there are many to choose from.  There is Talum, a large area excavated some years ago with ruins that are in excellent condition.  There are the pyramids scattered throughout the region as well.  Or if checking out the ruins are not your thing, there are dolphin encounters, excellent shopping, nightly entertainment, and of course the beaches with a huge variety of water activities.  So next time you are thinking of an all inclusive resort vacation, whether it be winter or summer, consider the Cancun region of Mexico.  Its diverse, somewhat exotic, perfectly safe and fun.

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Cancun Resorts in Mexico

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