Welcome to the Fabulous Carnival Breeze

The newest Carnival ship is the Breeze. And she is a beauty. From the Red Frog Tavern, to the Water Works for kids and Adults, to the Blue Iguana and Guy’s Burger Joint with the best burgers on the high seas, this ship has it all. It’s gorgeous for one thing, well laid out, and so easy to get to where you want to go. There are three new production shows this year including high tech Motown, Divas and Brits tributes in music and song meaning you will be entertained. The food is great. I had steak one night in the buffet and it was wonderful. I could not stay away from Guy’s, and The Cuccina dimagee Capitano,their specialty Italian Restaurant, has excellent Italian food for just $12.00 per person. But it’s the sports deck, pool area and health club that will wow you. It’s the perfect ship for the Caribbean. I never had a problem finding a chair to sit out on at mid-day, with ample ample shady areas, which is sometimes rare on cruise ships. Finally how about cost? The Carnival Breeze sails all summer out of Miami on 6 day cruises with prices as low as $799 per person. Seriously, you could not stay for 6 days in a hotel with food and entertainment in Key West for that price. So you be the judge. See some of my photos and consider the Carnival Breeze: all modern with current generation engines and backups and a staff that is ready to serve. Have a great summer and I will see you on Deck 5! (:

The Breeze is big and easy to get around.

The Breeze is big and easy to get around.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fabulous Carnival Breeze

  1. Steve

    The Carnival Breeze is the coolest ship ever, you don’t even need to get off in a port, she has everything! I’ve been on it twice… if their is a cruiser in heaven it must be this one.

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    1. 2cruise

      I love the Breeze. It seems to have better itineraries that you plain vanilla Royal Caribbean cruises. I love the energy that the younger demographic brings. So much energy, everyone have fun. Its a pleasure to sail this ship. Mike


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